Dr Wynand Goosen

B.Msc, AIB(SA), BCOM(Hons), BSC(Hons),MCOM, MA, M.Msc, D.Msc, DBA, PhD

Dr Wynand Goosen is currently the CEO of the Infomage Rims group from where he constantly launches various strategic projects. As a strategist he has pioneered various high-level projects and developed several business systems and tools. These include:

  • Developed a National Project for the first Skills Development Facilitator Program for South Africa.
  • Developed the first New Venture Creation Project for Entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Facilitated various Strategic Development workshops for a range of clients in private and public sector
  • Created international collaborative frameworks between South Africa and the European Union.
  • Represented South Africa on various international business platforms.
  • Developed a range of Foresight and Innovation Tools for Strategic Planning.
  • Devised a Project that lead to and incubation system for start-up enterprises.
  • Scoped and developed Management Information Systems and developed ITC solutions.
  • Developed systems to link strategy to strategic implementation, that drives execution and productivity related projects.

Dr Goosen has also created various successful companies. These includes organisations such as The Learning Corporation Ltd; The Infomage Rims Group; SkillzBook; Gold Rose Investments and more recently, TechQuity Capital – a Venture Capital Company in the technology space.  

He holds a portfolio of qualifications that includes Doctorates in Business, Meta Physics and Human Capital. He has board membership with several professional organisations.  Dr Goosen is a well-known conference speaker and has been quoted in newspapers and interviewed for several television programs. 

“Using a Project Management approach in all walks of business is like implementing a formula for success. Project Management is often developed using a generic basis. However, each implementation is different, and the nuances and culture play important roles in creating strategies that are implementable, effectively measurable and sustainable. Project Management Systems need to focus on simplification and implementation, not complication” 

Patrick Mugumo McomPM, CHRP 

Patrick Mugumo is a skilled, knowledgeable management consulting Professional, with international reach, that draws on deep experience in strategy, transformation, Project Management and business improvement projects. His capability is the ability to help client’s setup strategy, innovate and successfully execute breakthrough project improvements. He has vast experience helping organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance projects. Strong management skills coupled with solid business acumen, extending to business analysis and strategic planning; client relationship management; budgeting and forecasts; development of new business initiatives; project facilitation and management; and reporting.  

He is Master HR professional with SABPP and further hold a Masters of Commerce in Programme and Project Management from Cranefield College, which he has specialised in Project Management: Leading, Creating, Implementing and Improving, and Programme Managing Organisational Performance and Innovative Improvement, Organisational Quality and Performance Management, Transformational Corporate Strategy, Creating High-Performance Project and Process Teams, Financial Management of Corporate Projects and Programmes, Leadership and Management Research Methodology, Strategic Value Chain Management, Advanced Cases in Leading and Managing the Learning Organisation

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